Branch Leaders 2016 - 2017

Our Elected Officers for 2016-17

Judy Borlase, Kay Duffy,
Gail Pedersen, Louise Quenon,
and Virginia Turner
- Leadership Team

OPEN - President

OPEN - President - Elect

Louise Quenon - Financial VP

Gail Pedersen - (Interim) Membership Treasurer

Virginia Turner - Membership VP

Kay Duffy - Communications

OPEN - Program VP

Judy Borlase - VP AAUW Funds

OPEN - Legal Advocacy Fund VP

Our Appointed Board Members
for 2016-17

Audry Lynch - By-Laws

Ann Griffin - Calendar Editor

Open - Choice Chair

Louise Quenon - Database Manager & Name Tags

Barbara Lea - Directory Editor, Proofreader

Gail Pedersen - Directory Editor

Joan Kjemtrup - Email Publicity

Various Interest Groups - General Meeting Refreshments
(Refreshments for one monthly General Meeting)

Karen Pock - General Meeting Greeters

Ann Suyeyasu - General Meeting Greeters

Audrey Lynch - General Meeting Greeters

Gail Pedersen - Grapevine Editor

Ann Griffin - Grapevine Proofreader

Gerry Furman - Historian

Margaret Bard - Interbranch Council Rep

Sumi Tanabe - Local Scholarship Chair

Marilyn Fuller - Local Scholarship Co-Chair

OPEN - Parliamentarian

Wanda Alexander - Photographer

Open - Public Policy

Various Members - Publicity
(Publicity for the General Meetings is provided by group of members)

Lavonne Marafino - Sunshine Chair

Blenda Mariani - Tech Trek Chair

Cynthia Miller - Tech Trek Chair

Open - Web Liason